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Natural Park Resort RG6M+GF4,Dongwe, Tanzania


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10 June 2022

"Threasures of the Ocean"

►Duration 11 hours 

Surface Diving, we will go by boat just below the island of Bill Gates called Mnemba. Descent to the island is forbidden, but we will sail under it to surface dive with colorful fish straight from the fairy tale Nemo.

LUNCH - after returning from the island, we invite you for lunch where we will serve grilled seafood. For the youngest and for people who do not like the sea menu, we will provide chicken and fries. We'll have lunch on the beach!

SWIMMING WITH TURTLES - the next point of the trip is swimming with large water turtles. When visiting the natural aquarium, you will be able to feed turtles with algae and swim in their company.