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By taxi to Jambiani approx. 15 km about 20 minutes.
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14 June 2022

Sea algae plantation in Jambiani

Sea algae plantations in Jambiani - about 15 kilometers to the south, there is a village called Jambiani, at its height in the assessment we will find a sea algae plantation. Local women at low tide work on their care. The characteristic image of the plantation is the sticks sticking out of the ocean, between which the algae seedlings are placed. During high tide, the plantations are practically invisible, so remember to go there during low tide. You can then walk to the plantations and see them with your own eyes up close. The sight of colorfully dressed women working on them is beautiful. However, work on the plantation is very hard, so remember not to disturb. In the scorching sun, the ladies collect the crops in bags, supplement and hang new seedlings on the strings, and repair the "patches" damaged by the ocean. It is best to go to Jambiani by taxi or Dala, we will drive about 20 minutes.

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