► How to get there?
On foot about 4 km. walk about 1 hour or by taxi.
► Is the attraction paid?
NO. Unless you decide to have a delicious meal in a restaurant :)

13 June 2022

Restauracja The Rock

About 4 kilometers from the Natural Park is the famous Zanzibar restaurant "The Rock". To get to it, you need to go left when going to the beach of the facility. The walk will be long, so don't forget about sunscreen, a hat and a bottle of water :) A camera is also necessary!
Do not go for long walks at noon because the sun is very strong then. It is best to go for long walks in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

Zanzibar's famous The Rock restaurant is located on a rock. At low tide you can get to it by the beach, but at high tide you won't be able to get to the restaurant with dry feet. Then we swim to it by a boat that runs non-stop and transports guests in both directions, the "cruise" lasts 3 minutes :)
Please remember that The Rock restaurant will not be visible when we are inside, so remember that there are also restaurants on the land, right next to the beach at the height of our destination, from which there is a beautiful view of the rock with the restaurant.

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