► How to get there?
By taxi 36 km., about 45 minutes.
► Is the attraction paid?
Small entry fee.

15 June 2022

Mtende - lovely beach on Zanzibar

Mtende - one of the most beautiful beaches in Zanzibar is located 36 km from the Natural Park. You can get there by taxi and it will take about 45 minutes. Remember that a taxi will always be waiting for you to take you back. After reaching the cliff, we are presented with an insane view of the ocean with its fascinating colors. It cannot be described, it must be seen!! To get to the beach, we go down the stairs on the left side of the cliff. Knowing that life in Zanzibar depends on the tides, remember that during high tide we will not be able to enter the beach - it can only be done at deep low tide. And that's how we suggest you start your tour - at low tide and wait for high tide to fully feel and see the beauty of this place.

There are two restaurants on site - one on a cliff, which can be used regardless of the ocean level, and the other on a rock. The magic of the second restaurant is that during low tide we enter it with dry feet, and during high tide we can get there by boat. However, from both restaurants we can enjoy our eyes with the amazing view that nature offers us in the form of the ocean, coral reef rocks and greenery.

At low tide you will also be able to see the characteristic view of Zanzibar, i.e. stone circles. Under these stones, coconut shells are buried in the wet sand to soften them. Once they are soft enough, Zanzibari women will make a string out of them, which has a wide range of uses on the island.
To be able to control the state of the ocean / tides, we advise you to use an application (e.g. Tides), which will show us when the tide is high and when it is low and how long they will last. Due to the fact that the walk on the beach will take a long time, do not forget about hats and sunscreen.

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