► How to get there?
By taxi 9 km., about 15 minutes.
► Is the attraction paid?
NO. Unless you shop :)

13 June 2022

Local bazaar in Paje

The local bazaar in Paje - a paradise for souvenir hunters from Zanzibar. The best way to get to the bazaar is by taxi, the journey will take a few minutes. The afternoon will be the best time to visit, that's when local entrepreneurs open their stalls. You can buy everything your heart desires here. Wooden hand-carved figurines made of mahogany and other local types of wood, beautiful jewelry hand-made by Maasai women from colorful beads and wooden elements, paintings painted by local artists. Something good for everyone, beautiful scarves, pareos, dresses, t-shirts. Musical instruments such as drums, rattles, key chains and magnets.

This is not all, at the climatic stands we will also find wooden dishes, bowls and plates. At the market you can also buy beautiful unique hand-carved masks and wooden furniture, which are usually out of our reach due to their size.

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