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Natural Park Resort RG6M+GF4,Dongwe, Tanzania


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25 October 2022


Habari i Karibu!
This is how Zanzibar greets its guests and this is how we welcome you today on the official Natural Park Resort profile.
It is with great joy and satisfaction that we would like to inform you that, as a group of investors, we have taken over Natural Park, a unique facility in many respects. In the next posts and reports we will talk about our resort, a wonderful sandy beach by the turquoise ocean seen from the terraces of our villas, about the attractions of Zanzibar, its inhabitants, customs and culture.
We have started a new chapter in the history of Natural Park Resort and we are convinced that together we will write fascinating chapters of this history. The priority for us is to complete the investment in accordance with the original condominium design and arrange it in a way that guarantees 100% satisfaction of our guests.
We invite you to follow our profile. Here you will find all information about the investment, its next stages, and soon also details about booking stays in our unique Natural Park Resort.
We cordially invite you!